Lemon Olive Chicken

Again – no pic. cos this recipe was born before the blog….next time. Most of my recipes are for one person, if there’s any left over then that’s a bonus meal.  You may have to experiment with larger quantities if you want to make more. I remembered a recipe from the ’70’s that I loved, but hubby didn’t so I never made it again.  Should’ve – it’s awesome!

  • 2 chicken thighs
  • 12 green and 12 black (Kalamata) pitted olives
  • 1/2 cup continental parsley
  • 1 – 2 tBspns EVOO
  • about 1/8 to 1/4 slice of a lemon  – be cautious with this as you will need to taste the raw mix  (come on! it’s only olives parsley and lemon) BECAUSE – the cooked lemon rind can be quite strong.  Err on the side of less. Cut the rind off the lemon, cut away the pith from the fruit and discard the pith.  Keep the fruit and the rind.

Place the thighs (I use thighs as I prefer the meat over breast meat which I find tends to be too dry for me) in a microwave safe  (best to use pyrex or glass) container that has a lid. Place all other ingredients in the food processor and whiz until the mixture is well mixed and small-ish in size.  Taste for the lemon factor but remember it will increase with cooking and rind can become very bitter if you use too much. Press down the olive mixture over the chicken, covering well and put on the lid. Microwave for about 3 – 4 minutes. (I have a 1200W Microwave) Make SURE the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

Enjoy – especially the drizzled juice that develops.  (If I was fancy I’d call it a juz) I served mine with a beetroot and strawberry salad.

Note about food processors:  Use one that is NOT a blender.  It should be a food processor such as a Breville Kitchen Wiz and if you haven’t got one and you want to start making more and more of your own delicious food – get one.  Choose one with a powerful motor.  My Breville has been going strong since the early ’80’s and we paid around $150 for it then)


Beetroot and Strawberry Salad

Beetroot and Strawberry Salad

Ok, OK – I’ll be sure to take photos of everything I eat from now on….

Cut the tops off one medium sized beetroot and wash well.
Slice or tear into salad sized bites.
Grate the raw peeled beet over the tops.
Add as many washed and sliced strawberries as you like.
Add 1/2 Lebanese cucumber
1/2 avo
chuck on a couple of black olives

Dress with a simple vinegarette.


No no’s Chicken Curry

 Sorry no pics of this one – I made it before this blog was born…next time.
Basically it’s chicken and it’s yellow!!
I have been able to replicate the results on a number of occasions. Tastes for all the world like ‘traditional’ green chicken curry – but without the no no’

I work in grams/kilos as I am in Australia.

Depending on how many you want to feed or whether you are going to freeze ahead, I’ll work on the larger recipe. In any case (halving everything works the same as doubling, tripling or more -everything)

1 kilo chicken thighs
2 medium onions sliced
4 x 5cm x .5 cm slices of fresh ginger peeled and mashed (in a mortar or however)
4 heaped tSpns of jar garlic (or I’d reckon 4-5 cloves)
4 tSpns cinnamon powder
4 tSpns tumeric powder
1 stick cinnamon bark
2 tSpns pink salt
6-8 curry leaves (sweet neem)
Squeeze ½ lemon juice.
1 x 400 ml coconut Cream
Splash coconut water
About 2tBspns coconut oil

.Slice onion and sauté in large deep sided pan until caramelised.
.Add spices,salt and garlic to pan and coat onion
.Add chicken and fry off until all chicken is coated in spices.
.Add a splash of coconut water, cover and simmer on low for about 20 minutes.
.Add coconut cream, simmer on low for another 10 minutes
.Squeeze in lemon juice

Serve over cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash.

(my husband who is a very plain eater (allergic to chilli and has no need for AIP anything) loves this recipe)


Quick Sweet Potato Chips in the Breville sandwich grill

Quick Sweet Potato Chips in the Breville sandwich grill


Using a mandolin, slice the (peeled) sweet potato at the 1.5mm setting (ie very thin)
Oil the potatoes (I usually use coconut oil)

If you have a Breville or similar sandwich grill – use it on the lowest setting.  By that I’m talking about a FLAT one – not an actual shaped one for filling sandwiches.
If you don’t have one – you’re on your own.  I’ve tried doing these in the oven – they take hours.  In the sandwich press they take approximately 5 minutes per batch.
Watch carefully as they will burn very quickly.

PS My Breville is an older model so it doesn’t have flat both sides – but it still works well. Next one will be double flat sided.  In fact – this is where the dry fried onions came from for the banana onion fritters – I was trying to make onion chips – DER!!

Banana Onion fritters (yes you saw right – onion)

Banana Onion fritters (yes you saw right – onion)

I made these today.  More of an accident than purposefully. VERY green bananas are used in place of plantains which are very hard to find in country NSW or country anywhere in Australia. Do not buy the bananas to use the next day – they’ll be yellow and banana-ish not green plantain-ish.

3 small GREEN bananas
1 small onion dry sauteed until brown and caramelised
1 small tub of applesauce (Aldi)
1/3 cup tapioca flour
1 tSpn cinnamon
1 gelatin egg

Mash the banana, add other ingredients mix well.
Gloop some into a frypan with your choice of oil.  I used coconut.
Fry until firm.

They have a somewhat rubbery texture and could be eaten either as a savoury base for a stew or as a dessert.  A bet each way!!  How good is that?

I have eaten both as a base for bacon at breakfast and/or drizzled with a very small amount of quality maple syrup and some coconut yoghurt.




There’s nothing like home made sauerkraut.  You can control the degree of fermentation simply by tasting. It’s only me that eats it in this home, so I work in small quantities. I’m not an expert – but I’ve been asked for my recipe – so here it is.

To start:  Make sure you have clean jars. Find jars that you can fit a glass into the top of comfortably.There should be a little air space between the jar and the glass. (You’ll see why in a minute) I don’t worry too much about “sterilising” but I do make sure the jars have been thoroughly washed and perhaps I will boil some water in the microwave in them for a few minutes before I bottle if I’m not sure about how ‘clean’ they might be.

1/2 head cabbage (finely shredded)
1 carrot (as above)
1 small cucumber (finely sliced)
about 1 tBspn good quality salt
1/2 tSpn powdered ginger
1/2 tSpn powdered garlic

Difference between shredding and slicing for me and in future recipes will be as follows;  shredding = long strings and slicing = short fibres
ie: if slicing a cucumber you cut it so you end up with rings. If you shred a cucumber you not only end up with a mess – but also long strings.

Place all ingredients into a container with enough room that you can either use your hands to massage the stuff for about 10-15 minutes or pound it with a blunt ended wooden rolling pin until ‘water’ is seen and the cabbage and other veges are soft and juicy. (You can even taste it to make sure it’s OK – it should be a little salty)

Pack tightly into the jars or jar (your choice of size).  Ensure the mix is pressed down firmly enough so that the ‘water’ is covering the mix.  If there is not enough ‘water’ to cover then add a little – but I have never had to do this.

Place the glass into the jar to help hold down the mix.  Fill the GLASS with water to add weight.

Wrap some cling wrap around the jar and the glass to make a loose seal between the jar and the glass.

Sit the concoction in a bowl or something to catch any spill or over fermentation.

Leave for a few days.  You will see the bubbles start to rise after a day or so.  I like to leave mine only about 3 days, then I taste and if I like it, I put on the lid and refrigerate until ready to eat.


PS I find the fermentation works better at around 25 C too hot and you’ll have all the liquid come out of the mix and no sauerkraut.