The wisdom of tweens…..

Having 3 of our 5 grandchildren here for the holidays and beyond – is a good thing at this time.
Today, arriving home at lunch time after a visit to hubby in hospital, I prepare lunch for them.  Eldest girl says “what are you going to eat Nanny?”  I said “Same as you only no bread”  She says “well then why don’t you make a sandwich out of the lettuce and put the roast pork and apple sauce in that”

I had completely forgotten about the most basic and simple thing I could do for a quick sambo!!

Remember I said we would use Australian SLANG – this is not a racist comment and the last time I will apologise for using Aussie slang. Just remember – if you are reading this in any other country than Australia;  sambo = sandwich.

Thank you darling girl.    Sometimes it’s easy to forget the ‘basic’ stuff and get caught up in the “I must prepare everything” mode.

The wisdom of tweens….


Outback delays….

So on my page – 12 months in the Outback I started with “our lives are never dull”.  How prophetic!!

On Easter Sunday my husband fell 4 metres (14 feet)   and badly broke his leg. I’ll spare you the details but include  photos at the end.  Look if you dare.
This means – at this point – that our plans will be delayed for a few weeks.  On the Tuesday after Easter, we were meant to pick up our “new” second hand van, but I had to put this on hold as well.
Hopefully he will live up to his  previous name – Wolverine – in relation to his healing powers, but I have now rechristened him “Colverine”
Hoping lots of bone broth and good stuff will help the process.  If you have any good healing food for broken bones – please share them with me.


Oh and to top it off – I came out of the hospital with my 3 grandchildren that I am looking after for a few weeks – to find someone had reversed into our new car and smashed the lights and other dents.  😦

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