Now! There is recovery.

Now! There is recovery.


Hi there. I’m CC and I’ve got one foot on a banana skin sliding into my 60’s with renewed health and happiness.
I live in  NSW, Australia. (right near the beach on the Mid North Coast)
My story is at the end.

I wanted to start a blog for Auto Immune Paleo people primarily in Australia.  This doesn’t mean that our trailblazing US and World ‘cousins’ are not welcome here – of course you are – many of you bloggers are where my AIP journey started and are my continuing inspiration.
Anyone  interested in furthering their health through the Auto Immune Paleo diet I hope will find some benefit from this site.
You are more than welcome to help with it’s development. We’ll be using Australian metric measurements, and Aussie terminologies and slang while using (or trying to source) somewhat limited supplies of food items which are not always readily available in Australia and are usually horrendously expensive. (especially in the outback where we intend to spend the next 12 months)
Sometimes it’s hard to convert  quarts, gallons or a fluid oz  on the fly while cooking  or thinking about cilantro or cantaloupe., squash, scones and biscuits and another one I just saw – which I had to look up – rutabaga you get my drift. (coriander or rockmelon, pumpkin, biscuits and scones, turnip)

No degrees in medicine or otherwise.  I am not a doctor.  I  have an interest in keeping myself well, which in the long run hopefully, will benefit me, my husband of 40 years our two daughters, 2 sons in law  and 5 grandchildren.   I’m secretly trying to commit to at least a post per week.   This may change very soon as some exciting developments have come to our lives.   See the page –  12 months (or more)  in the Outback.  I will not be seeking funding, so this is a free site and there will be a random ad at the bottom of the page I believe.

Any recipes you take from this site and any comments from me are strictly NOT intended as medical or nutritional advice.

My Story (get out the violins)

Looking back at photos of me at around 4 years – I can see the tell tale golf ball puffed up eyeballs obviously meant that something wasn’t right – even then.  I remember spending many weeks in bed intermittently as a young child with severe vomiting bouts that would last for days.  Doctors always made home visits to me. Blah Blah Blah……At the age of 13 I was involved in an horrific car crash.   Years later I recognise the aftermath as PTSD but in those days you “just get on with it”  No grieving allowed.

Fast forward after a life of unknowingness…..to the end of what can only be described as an eventful and stressful working life and the shock end of a 27 year relationship (best girl friend) I think my immune system and adrenals finally gave out one night – it was all too much stress.  Perhaps I was bitten by a spider (in a glove), perhaps I just scratched an itchy finger with ‘germ laden (but clean) fingernails – whatever the cause, my worn out body didn’t care and  I ended up in an Intensive care ward in the local hospital with septicemia for 10 days.

Not only did I have septicemia, in the treatment of that (red poison right up my arm and halfway across my chest)  I also had a HUGE allergic reaction to the IV antibiotics they were using to keep me from succumbing to blood poisoning.  I can’t blame them – they didn’t know and neither did I.  I had every hospital specialist team come and see me and consult each other to find the best way to deal with what was overtaking me. I did come very close to losing that battle.  My sister came to visit me one day and I remember seeing her walk past (I was lying down) and then back out of the room.  Apparently she had gone back to the desk and said “My sister is not in that room – you must have told me the wrong room”  No – it WAS me – she just didn’t recognise me.

Endone by the handful for months afterwards.   Needless to say they switched from the synthetic antibiotics to straight penicillin and I began to recover.  I did leave hospital however with a lymph lump the size of a tennis ball near my collar bone. No idea what was underneath where I couldn’t see!! I was a complete mess. My whole body looked like a crocodile from allergic hives and I was puffed up like a balloon.  Most of my hair fell out and ALL of my skin peeled off in the following weeks.

That was 5 years ago.  I have battled with my health ever since  as that immune system hit on top of what I now know to be a lifelong battle with immune function and Hashimoto’s really set off a chain of inflammatory events. I am constantly surprised at what other people remember about my life.  It would be great if I could remember it as well.  My husband remembers so much about our life together, which I don’t, most likely because I was in constant ‘fog brain’ mode.
Since changing my diet to Paleo and then moving one step further to AIP I have made significant improvements in my health in the last 12 months.(and I’m no angel either – I have blowouts more regularly than I’d like to say – but guess what?  I ENJOY them, I don’t feel guilty and then carry on being good until next time.)

9 months ago I could not walk more than about 20 metres without two walking sticks.  My knees felt like they were stuffed with cotton wool and my hip was unable to bear hardly any weight.  I walked with a pronounced ‘hip limp’.  Today I ride a bike, walk along the beach for (so far 3 kilometres) walk up stairs again for exercise, I can swim comfortably 20 laps of a 25 metre pool and I kayak.  I still find it hard to garden (mainly because I have a brown thumb)  and I have days where all I do is lay around or spend the day on the computer.  I’m lucky that I am able to do that as I am retired.  But –  I am SO happy with the health gains I have made by following the AIP protocol.

Everyone has a story.  That’s mine. See ya – I’m off over the beach.






2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, Caroline, I’m Shannon P from Canada, the other metric land in the empire. I’m inspired by your healing story and how healthy and beautiful you are today, after all that. I’m curious: as an Aussi, do you cook with a lot of lamb meat? I was given a huge lamb liver and don’t know what to do with it…will it taste stronger than beef liver, I wonder?


    • Hi Shannon
      Yep – we do use a fair bit of lamb. How lucky are you to receive such a great gift. I haven’t been able to source any lambs fry (we call it) lately as I only want organic stuff and it’s almost impossible to buy it anywhere that I know of near where I live. It is quite a strong flavour and quite dry also if over cooked. If I had one tho I would cook it as follows:
      1) slice the liver into thick slices
      2) gently fry until it changes colour – you dont want to try and ‘crisp’ it just gently change the colour all the way through.
      3) Remove the liver and use the pan juices (if any) or add some water to make a thin gravy.
      set aside
      Cook some bacon.
      Serve the liver topped with bacon and drizzle the gravy over. Traditionally this is served with mash and peas – however sweet potato mash and steamed veg would be great as well.
      That’s the English/Aussie way…..Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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