The wisdom of tweens…..

Having 3 of our 5 grandchildren here for the holidays and beyond – is a good thing at this time.
Today, arriving home at lunch time after a visit to hubby in hospital, I prepare lunch for them.  Eldest girl says “what are you going to eat Nanny?”  I said “Same as you only no bread”  She says “well then why don’t you make a sandwich out of the lettuce and put the roast pork and apple sauce in that”

I had completely forgotten about the most basic and simple thing I could do for a quick sambo!!

Remember I said we would use Australian SLANG – this is not a racist comment and the last time I will apologise for using Aussie slang. Just remember – if you are reading this in any other country than Australia;  sambo = sandwich.

Thank you darling girl.    Sometimes it’s easy to forget the ‘basic’ stuff and get caught up in the “I must prepare everything” mode.

The wisdom of tweens….