Outback delays….

So on my page – 12 months in the Outback I started with “our lives are never dull”.  How prophetic!!

On Easter Sunday my husband fell 4 metres (14 feet)   and badly broke his leg. I’ll spare you the details but include  photos at the end.  Look if you dare.
This means – at this point – that our plans will be delayed for a few weeks.  On the Tuesday after Easter, we were meant to pick up our “new” second hand van, but I had to put this on hold as well.
Hopefully he will live up to his  previous name – Wolverine – in relation to his healing powers, but I have now rechristened him “Colverine”
Hoping lots of bone broth and good stuff will help the process.  If you have any good healing food for broken bones – please share them with me.


Oh and to top it off – I came out of the hospital with my 3 grandchildren that I am looking after for a few weeks – to find someone had reversed into our new car and smashed the lights and other dents.  😦

AnkleBones 2 AnkleBones