Banana Onion fritters (yes you saw right – onion)

Banana Onion fritters (yes you saw right – onion)

I made these today.  More of an accident than purposefully. VERY green bananas are used in place of plantains which are very hard to find in country NSW or country anywhere in Australia. Do not buy the bananas to use the next day – they’ll be yellow and banana-ish not green plantain-ish.

3 small GREEN bananas
1 small onion dry sauteed until brown and caramelised
1 small tub of applesauce (Aldi)
1/3 cup tapioca flour
1 tSpn cinnamon
1 gelatin egg

Mash the banana, add other ingredients mix well.
Gloop some into a frypan with your choice of oil.  I used coconut.
Fry until firm.

They have a somewhat rubbery texture and could be eaten either as a savoury base for a stew or as a dessert.  A bet each way!!  How good is that?

I have eaten both as a base for bacon at breakfast and/or drizzled with a very small amount of quality maple syrup and some coconut yoghurt.


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    • Actually I had one for breakfast this morning (after my meat soup ‘cos I was still hungry from our walk on the beach) I also put 1/2 tspn of coconut butter on it. DELISH!!!


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